Leidy Hernández

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Who is Leidy Hernández?

Leidy Hernández

International Fitness Model & Personal Trainer / Coach

I have lived most of my life in Spain, where I competed for the first time in the bodyfitness category, since then I have competed a total of 6 times at regional, national and international level shows.

I have been training since I was 16 years old, although I did not start to compete until 2012 because of my university studies that occupied a great part of my time.

Since childhood my attention has focused on everything that has to do with physical activity and that is why before starting in the world of fitness I had already practiced many other sports like: Sprint, discus throwing and karate. I am very passionate about sports, so much that I have traveled many countries to be present at the most important international events in the world.

Not only am I a lover of sports but I also love to study and to gain more knowledge. For me it is very important to always better yourself in every way and whenever an opportunity arises to learn new things.

These are some of the things I have studied.


- Degree in psychology

- Diploma in Beauty Stylist

- Diploma in Tec. Nursing.

- Diploma Medical Visitor.

- Diploma in Pharmacy Assistant.

- Advanced Courses on Supplementation in Sport.

- Personal Trainer.

- Neuro-Physiology Course.

- Advanced Nutrition Courses.

From a very young age I have always liked to be the best in everything I do, the word mediocrity is not written in my brain. I fight for everything I want and that's why I won Math and Science competitions, the School Merit Award, won the FALCONBRIDGE Award and was nominated for the prestigious European Scholarship in Spain.

This is my sports curriculum:

-IFBB athlete (Body Fitness / Figure)

- Champion of the Canarian Cup / Spain 2012.

- Champion of the Copa de España Junior 2012.

- Top 4 finalist at the Arnold Classic Europe 2012 

- Champion Absolute at the Canaries Championships / Spain 2012

- Top 5 Finalist at Championship of Spain 2012

- Top Finalist in the Arnold Classic Ohio / USA 2016

Since I started working as a coach I have helped thousands of people from all over the world.